Design Na Pele

Brazilian leather is the driving force that sets motion to the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). Nothing more natural that one of the most innovative projects worldwide for the leather industry to be born inside our association – Design na Pele (DNP)

Design Na Pele

CICB represents Brazilian leather nationally and internationally, being in front of the Brazilian industry responsible for more than 40 thousand direct jobs and production of 43 million hides a year (one of the five largest annual volumes of leather per country in the world).

Together with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), CICB supports and coordinates the Brazilian Leather project of exports, where the DNP project was born.

Since its first edition, in 2013, Design na Pele aims to unite art, leather and fashion, converging analo-gous but sometimes distant industries into products that would become true objects of desire around the world, exhibit in great conceptual trade shows especially in the leather segment. Now with the arrival of Design na Pele to the commercial universe, this situation has changed: the objects of desire can be taken home.


A cycle of collaboration between several industries comes full circle, amongst all of them the tanner- ies, using the knowledge acquired through the past editions of DNP to apply design thinking in every detail, in each unique proposal and in each unique partnership. This is a new way of looking at surfac- es and finished products that communicate style, taste and sustainability.

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