Leather Making

Where does leather come from?

An engaging animation from Leather UK that explains where leather comes from.


Vegetable Tanning process in Tuscany

An insight into the craft of vegetable tanning in a Tuscan tannery.


Cordovan Shell Production

The long and labour-intensive manufacturing process of cordovan shells from Toscana, Italy.


Tanning and Finishing in Arzignano, Italy

The Arzignano region has over 250 tanneries, this detailed video explains the leather manufaturing process from start to finish.

Hermann Oak Leather, USA

Hermann Oak was established in 1881, this video takes a tour of its tannery in St Louis, Missouri and explains the history and process of its traditionally vegetable tanned leathers.

Conceria Tempesti Vegetable Tanning

Conceria Tempesti is one of the best known vegetable leather tanneries, learn how they make their distinctive product (Italian language).


UNIC Italian Tanning Industry

An overview of the Italian leather-making industry.


Tour of Horween Leather

Horween leather is famous for the quality of its vegetable tanned leathers, this overview looks at why bag brand Libero Ferrero specifies it for their line.

How Leather Soles are Made

A tour of the Joh. Rendenbach Tannery by Hanns Redenbach. This four-generation company has been creating traditional, oak bark tanned, leather for over a century.

Aniline? Corrected? Full Grain?

Different qualities of leather explained.


How Leather is Made

A detailed look at making leather, slanted towards the upholstery industry. It is especially useful for demonstrating different finishing techniques.


Leather as a circular environmental material

This easy-to-understand video from International Leather Maker explains how leather can play its part in a circular economy.

Ist Leder zeitgemäß?

Leder ist ein natürliches, nachhaltiges und schönes Naturprodukt. In vielen Branchen, wie zum Beispiel der Automobilindustrie, dem Schuhhandwerk, dem Möbelbau und in der Mode, wird Leder aufgrund seiner Vielseitigkeit eingesetzt

Sustainability by CICB Brazil

A short animation looking at the leather industry in Brazil.

Exploring Italian Leather Sustainability by UNIC

A project looking at sustainability within the Italian leather industry.

DANI Sustainable Leather

Video showing the operations and sustainability project at DANI, founded as a family-run tannery in 1950 and now employing over 1,000 people around the world.

LITE Leather, production in Vietnam

Production at the TanTec Saigon tannery demonstrating its responsible leather production and focus on renwable energy.

7 Tales of Italian Leather

UNIC Sustainability report 2017.

The Value Of Leather

Brazilian Leather showcases designers and leather makers explaining why leather is special for them

Why Wear Leather

Easy to understand animation from Brazilian leather on the industry including environmental and economic facts

Can Leather be Sustainable?

An interview with vegetarian Ana Maria Vasconcelos of the company Belcinto in which she explains why she sees no contradiction in using leather and looking at how they create sustainable products that last a lifetime.


The Incredible World of Blackmeans Leather Jackets

Fusing the experience of fashion and music, Blackmeans hand-ages its leather jackets for truly individual style

Hermès | Luxury is that which can be repaired

Inspirational video in which experienced artisans restore and repair leather bags.

World's Most Expensive Bag

Catch the news story of the diamond Birkin bag that sold for over $300,000 at auction

What Goes into a $5k Bespoke Leather Jacket?

Designer Savannah Yarborough, makes bespoke leather jackets with a rugged individualism

How Bespoke Italian Shoes are Made

In a small workshop in Florence, Saskia Wittmer crafts leather shoes that are as unique as each customer. Watch the craft in every process.

Why are Louboutin Shoes so Expensive?

Christian Louboutin's trademark red-bottomed shoes have become iconic, but why do they cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars?

Masterclass in How to Shine Shoes

Yuya Hasegawa, winner of the World Championships in Shoe Shining breaks down the steps in obtaining the perfect mirror shine

What is a GoodYear Welt?

Goodyear welting and other shoe-making methods clearly explained.

Gaziano & Girling | Footwear Factory Tour

The first new shoe factory to open in Northampton in 100 years. Watch how the leather is cut and utilised then see the whole shoe making process.


How Ballet Shoes are Made

Fascinating insight to the craft of making ballet shoes.

Making Baseballs

So much complexity, including hand-stitching goes into making baseballs for the MLB.

How are NFL Footballs Made?

Inside the process of making NFL fotballs.

Cricket Balls - How it's Done

Watch leather cricket balls being made at the ​Kookabura factory

The World's Oldest Shoe

University College Cork archaeologist, Dr Ron Pinhasi, and a team of international archaeologists discovered the world's oldest leather shoe in a cave in Armenia. Understand its place in history and hear how it was made.


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