Corporate Social Responsibility, the Sustainable Leather Forum

Corporate Social Responsibility, the Sustainable Leather Forum

"The National Leather Council" veranstaltet unter der Schirmherrschaft des Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Finanzen und Wiederaufbau die dritte Ausgabe seines Forums, das der Corporate Social Responsibility gewidmet ist, das Sustainable Leather Forum.


Event Details

Es findet am 13. September 2021 im Palais Brongniart in Paris statt. 

The programming of the third "Sustainable Leather Forum" confirms the success of the event, which has found its place in the agenda of leather, footwear, leather goods and glove companies. The interest of an annual meeting on the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility was imposed on the actors of fashion, luxury and sport, who have perfectly integrated the fundamentals of this approach.

The objective of the Sustainable Leather Forum is to reflect on the good practices of the leather industries in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, both socially, environmentally and economically.

It will be an opportunity to present to professionals and stakeholders the evolution of consumer behaviour, as well as tools and solutions to be implemented.

In recent years, the topic of sustainable development has progressed rapidly across the entire fashion and luxury ecosystem, with an acceleration since the Covid-19 crisis, which has increased citizens' awareness of societal issues, particularly environmental ones. As we are just beginning to reflect on the world of the future, the SLF must take part in the debate on the evolution of our industries, but also of agriculture and distribution, in order to offer more transparent manufacturing methods and more sustainable products.

In order to share best practices, the SLF presents the testimony of companies that have implemented a CSR approach involving the upstream and downstream of their activity. It also gives the floor to experts in CSR topics.

This year, 4 main topics will be explored : 
-       Vegan movement and animal welfare 
-       Deforestation, carbon footprint and Leather Life Cycle analysis 
-       Sustainable production and sourcing in sport and leisure markets 
-       Transparency and consumer information: positive ways to communicate with stakeholders

The Sustainable Leather Forum is for anyone working in the fashion, leather, footwear, leather goods and luxury sectors, in France and abroad.

This ranges from hide producers to tanneries, manufacturers of footwear and leather goods to distributors of finished goods, as well as public bodies, institutions and opinion leaders. 
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